Cleaing Cart Checklist

I am a new supervisor at our local hospital and was trying to obtain a proper Environmental services cleaning cart checklist to provide to my staff to set guidelines on what is allowed on their...

Labor and Delivery Job Descriptions

Do your EVS staff stock medical supplies in Labor and Delivery rooms as part of cleaning process? Does any of your EVS staff stock baby bassinet carts with diapers or wipes?

Dry Ice Disposal

Does anyone have any information on the disposal of dry ice? Our EVS staff are starting to find dry ice in trash cans and we want to create a disposal policy in an effort to clarify proper disposa...

looking for the right vacuum

I'm looking into purchasing some vacuum cleaners, what's every one favorite that works great and easy for the staff to use.

Cleaning a Cancer Center

Looking for a policy regarding cleaning a cancer center. Standard precautions enough, extra PPE needed. Would anyone be willing to share a policy?

Floors in C-Diff rooms

Recently two different state surveys demanded we apply our bleach product to the floors to kill the cdiff We produced CDC guidelines 2003 and 2008 stating cleaning floors with just water or a...

C-Diff floors


I'm reaching out to other hospitals to see what kind of hand sanitizer dispneser they are currently using. We are using the automatic GOJO, but are looking into other options as the ones we...

Off-site HP Offices

Traditionally, we have cleaned our 25 off-site HP office locations on 3rd shift. We are now looking for input with pros and cons for cleaning these locations on a 2nd shift, or possibly day shift.

Off-site locations shift schedules

APT monitoring and high touch

Those of you who are using the APT, what areas of the hospital are you using it? Do you use it in Central Sterile, OR and Nutrition? If so what items are you checking that would be considered...