Does anyone use anything to prevent water from showering going into patient rooms? What are the pro's and con's of this? Is it a fall risk for patients ? Clinical staff are rolling up bath blankets and laying them all over the floor. I am also currently doing a performance inprovement on linen waste, so this would be awsome.Thank you in advance.

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  • Tom Hankins, CHFM, CHESP

    We used a collapsible shower dam at the retirement community I used to work at due to the ADA showers leaking water onto the bathroom floor creating a slip hazard. We used a product from a company called: We purchased a size that allowed up to go up on the side of the shower wall a few inches. One item that we did learn is the the installation prep is KEY to a good seal with the product. If I remember correctly, we used Isopropyl alcohol to thoroughly clean the shower surface of any contaminants, soap scum, etc. Using a weighted shower curtain that was the proper length also helped to retain water within the shower pan. The shower dam and curtain did reduce our water seepage by about 80-90%. Occasionally we had some areas of leakage on the apexes of the corners going from the floor up the wall...rather than replace the entire shower dam, we often were able to use 100% clear silicone to help seal those smaller areas.

  • Kim LeNoir

    Wendy, You're not alone with this. I have the same problem. I need to check into what Tom has referenced. If you find a better solution let me know and I'll do the same. Thanks.

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