Good Afternoon All:

We have inherited an ER facility that is extremely busy. The exam rooms have a no-wax floor that the previous service provider waxed and later stripped. As a result the protective coating that originally came on the flooring has been removed and the result is a very porous and soft flooring that has become next to impossible to keep scrubbed. I am attempting to find out the manufacturer of the flooring so I can discuss options with the technical team of the manufacturer.

In the meantime, has anyone else dealt with this situation before? Is there a sealant or other finish product that can be applied? The last thing we really want to do is to apply finish to these floors but at this point that might be the only remedy, short of replacing them.

Any thoughts?

Darryl Speir

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  • Laura Mosby

    We had a brand new facility that put down no wax floors in the patient rooms. The CEO was old school and made EVS wax all of the floors. When that CEO left, we stripped a couple of the rooms to see if they could be utilized as no wax. Unfortunately the EVS team in that facility has had to keep wax on them. The one saving grace is that the facility only has 25 patient rooms. I hope the manufacturer can help you out.

  • Richard Davis

    Do you know what the material is? Is it a vinyl product like a luxury vinyl tile (LVT), homogeneous vinyl, or any chance it's rubber?

  • Lea Beach

    Hey Daryl,
    I hope you are well. So it really depends of the type of floor. however we have covered our LVT with a product called EPIC. Be aware it is a semi permanent polyurethane but it could be the answer until they are replaced. It holds up well to traffic but it is expensive to put down. It also requires a person certified in EPIC coatings to put it down.
    the key to anything you do is going to be cleaning of the floor before you cover it with anything. If the protective coating it truly gone you may have issues.

    there is also some new products our from Ecolab called NO LO floor protectant that is a mop on or machine scrub and they have a floor restorer that you use with it. Contact your ECO lab rep or if you are going to conference I am sure they will have it there. Hope this helps!

  • Brad Beecher

    Once you do that to a "No Wax" floor you will have to me-been there done that!

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