I had a meeting with my administration and they have asked me to find some information that shows that the CHEST program will improve the hospital before I can get the funding to put it in place. If you have anything thing that will help I would really appreciate it.

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  • Aaron Jett

    You can contact the below EVS directors for more specifics:

    LLUMC - Allen LaFramboise, ES Director 11234 Anderson St Room, B-337 Loma Linda, CA 92354 Cell: (909) 674-6299
    • Sarie “Lee” Limon Quality Inspector, Environmental Services Department Extension 49707
    Medical Center of the Rockies
    • Dennis Leck, Environmental Services Manager 2500 Rocky Mountain Ave Loveland, CO 80538 O 970.624.1085
    •Exec champion Liz Hollowell, CDM, CFPP Director Hospitality Services Poudre Valley Hospital Food & Nutrition / Environmental Services O 970.624.1082 / 970.495.8062 liz.hollowell@uchealth.org,

    UC Health Poudre Valley Hospital
    • H. S. “Dutch” Flahavhan, MSM Manager - Environmental Services 970.495.8052
    • Exec champion Liz Hollowell, CDM, CFPP Director 970.495.8062 liz.hollowell@uchealth.org

    Also there is a justification toolkit on AHE’s website http://www.ahe.org/Designations/CHEST/Documents/CHEST_Justification_Tool_Kit.zip -

  • Sandra Rials

    Thanks for your question Ashley. And thank you so much for responding Aaron.
    Ashley, AHE is launching a survey this week to collect outcomes data (infection rates, turnover, etc.) from facilities that have CHEST-certified technicians. Once we analyze the data we will share it broadly. (We are assuming the data will validate the overwhelmingly positive outcomes we've heard about these last 3 1/2 years.) Going forward, we anticipate this information being used to justify funding for the program. Stay tuned . . .

  • Charles Phinney

    I feel the CHEST training is essential in any clinical environment were pathogens pose a significant threat to to society. This training taught us the proper ways to break the chain of infection and to identify potential health threats not only to our patients and staff, but also to the general public once we leave the facility. A society that is as mobile as our can easily spread a pathogen causing a quick pandemonium. We need to always be mindful that it is not just our work environment that we interact with, but society as a whole.

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