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  • Lea Beach

    we use medline. They are cheaper then most and have a variety of colors and they hold up well. I can send you my Reps info.

  • Brad Beecher

    We use Standard Textile about $160.00 per dozen in 4 different patterns call 612-872-1332. Medline also has some nice ones with more range of patterns but cost more call Jaime at 1-847-968-7778

  • J Darrel, MREH, CHESP Hicks

    KleenEdge (www.kleenedge.com) curtains have RFID tags that enable tracking and curtain changing protocols in your facility. If you buy their curtains that are <$20 per panel, you get FREE curtain tracking software that utilizes NFC protocol software. You get a dashboard for your computer that allows you to see, in real time, whether or not you are following your own change protocols (isolation, every 4 mos./6 mos., etc.). With the software, you'll be able to demonstrate to TJC/CMS that you have a protocol that was developed with consultation with IP and Administration and you have records to prove it.
    They also offer a subscription service where you can use the tracking software by placing a KleenEdge RFID label on your hospital owned fabric curtains or a competitor's disposable curtain. Contact me for more information

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