Have any of you used the heating units that are often used in hotels as a method of dealing with bed bugs? What are the positives and negatives?

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  • Pam Livingston

    We have used a heat chamber for approximately 10 years and cannot imagine not having one. We purchased a new chamber last year as the original one had a number of hours on it over the years. We use the chamber 3-5 times/week. Both are portable and our Post Partum has queen beds that require the chamber to go to the room for treatment. We also have a small freezer we secure patient personal belongings in until they discharge. Our program includes quarterly monitoring provided by a trained dog. We average 200 room checks per visit with a 3% average identified unknown finds. The thermal chamber is effective; however, they are quite expensive. The last chamber we purchased was between $6,000-7,000.

  • James Trivette

    Thanks, Pam! Very helpful feedback. Are you open to more questions if they arise? jetrivette@crmchealth.org. Thanks!

  • Moses Pena

    Hi Pam, if you don't mind, could you please send me the information that you have for that thermal chamber please to penam@drmc.com thank you.

  • Joey Reyes

    Hello Pam, Could you also send me the information about the Thermal Chamber to joey.reyes@dignityhealth.org, Thank you

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