Looking into purchasing an ATP Testing system. Any suggestions? Thanks, John Dickson

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  • Nicole Seon

    3M Clean Trace Monitoring system.

  • Roman Janicki

    I have been using the Neogen system for about 10 years. I recommend it because of the software that allows you to run reports by employee, work area, surface type, etc. Great for motivating staff.

  • Cole Gilliland

    The only thing ATP brings to the table is comfort science. Meaning if your comfortable that you will be knowingly swabbing surfaces that viruses can not be detected with this device, then this is the system for you! Norovirus, Rotovirus, Flu, measles, mumps, rubella, polio, chicken pox, rabies, the common cold, hepatitis, HIV, and on and on, etc. etc. These can never be detected by the ATP system because....they don't contain fossil remains, or Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP)! The only data you are collecting is how much organic material is in your facility, can that be helpful? sure I guess some data is more important than none. Still it only gets you so far, we are protecting patients from invisible bacteria and viruses, be weary of the results, absolutely do not use this as a disciplinary tool, and question why and what you are spending money on in healthcare. Processes, procedure, policy, research, these are the tools to invest your time into.

  • Pamela Wong

    Cole Gilliland is right on point with comments concerning ATP. Myself and my Leads feel the exact same way, but have been coaxed into compliance, because it seems to equate to the latest and greatest reporting system to provide surveyors. I have always had concerns with the strong buy in from the Infection Prevention Community. We have been required to use and report for approximately five years with the Hygiena SystemSURE Plus.The system is a good system, with great support from the company. It does allow for opportunity to motivate staff, as mentioned in a previous comment. We too have been careful to use results realistically and make sure staff understand what is actually being reported. This provides the opportunity to help them understand the reasoning behind following standard processes and the need to know how and why you clean for certain infections, diseases, etc. We just do not see it as the end all cleanliness reporting system.

  • J Darrel, MREH, CHESP Hicks

    Use ATP do audit soil removal (i.e., right product, right process, right person performing the task). For verification you will need have lab personnel collect environmental samples to count CFU's (Colony Forming Units). Cleaning to a Microbiological Standard of less than 2.5 colony forming units per square centimetre.
    Widely accepted in food processing industry, why isn't this a standard for immunocompromised patients, surgical suites, terminal cleaning of isolation rooms, etc.?

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