Curious but I work at a large facility and it seems like we are always trying to hunt down pillows. Pillows are purchased by laundry department and distributed by vendor to patient floors. We place two pillows on a bed and additional pillows in wardrobe closet at time of discharge. Does anyone do anything different? Also, how do you avoid loss due to transfers? Working on a checklist for nurses to avoid loss.

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  • Norris Hall

    Hello I work with a large healthcare system in MO, we have been experiencing the same issue, our loss is quite high cause mainly with ambulance transfers. Our replacement cost is quite high. I’d love to have a copy of your checklist one you’re done. My email- Thanks.

  • Laura Gouker

    We have the same problem. Over the last 6 weeks we have gone through about 15 pillows and we have 6 beds. Our census is down and I can't figure out what to do. I did talk to nursing and they said it is just an issue we deal with, so any thoughts would be really helpful

  • Amy Gill

    AT our facility, I do a PAR level for each patient area. Everyday we count our pillows if we know that pillows are in patient rooms that account for what is missing on the floor, we just add those pillows to what is left on our shelf to keep our PAR Level accounted for. This has helped us. However, if more that two or three days without par levels we then hunt pillows and if none are found we add more from our inventory and charge the departments for the pillows.

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