Good morning all, I'm wondering if anyone can share their procedures for dealing with bed bugs. I'm looking for suggestions on the patient flow when bed bugs are discovered. Example: patient with bed bugs presents in the ED via ambulance, what precautionary steps do you take to prevent potential infestation and spread. We have good procedures in isolating the room and having a professional pest management company treat the area, just need to get a better grasp on what we can do while patient is present and how to handle the patient flow, patient family, and so on. Appreciate any best practices & lessons learned. thanks

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  • Greg Schnirel

    Steven - I would appreciate a copy of your policy please - thank you.

  • Freeda Thompson

    Steven,I would like a copy

  • Frank Christiano

    We make sure all the patients belongings and personal items are removed and placed into a sealed plastic bag and place them outside the facility in a secured box or tote along with any wheelchair or other equipment they brought in with them. the patient is placed into an isolation room or exam room and placed on isolation precautions with very limited access. Once the patient is admitted if they are; we would transport them to a room under tight controls and have the room they were in cleaned by a professional exterminator. The same would hold true for the patient room and equipment they used during their stay after they are discharge.

  • Norris Hall

    Dale, I'd like a copy of BB policy as well. my email -

  • Laurie Schultz

    Steven, could you also send me a copy of the bed bug policy that you have at Walter Reed. Thank you, Laurie

  • Steven Johnson, MESRE

    I think I have sent everyone a copy of the BB policy whose has requested it. If not, please ping me again.

  • Dale Warren

    Thanks all, appreciate all the info in dealing with this nasty subject!

  • Moses Pena

    Hi Steven Johnson, MESRE I was hoping that I could get a copy of your BB policy as well, thank you. my email is

  • Joseph Johnson

    Steven, I would love to have a copy of the BB policy as well.

  • Wendy Boese

    I have just been told by our local exterminator that we have patients in town with infested homes. I had to make a new policy .

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